Work Boats that get the job done… and much more!

Stamatiou custom-made Steel Work Boat can serve under any weather, travel long distances, carry large loads and have all the necessary facilities a cage farm might need. Essentially, such a boat becomes the unofficial headquarters of the farm



During the last 5 years, we have built around 10 steel boats that serve in farms around the Mediterranean, Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. They range from 12m to 80m in length, equipped with cranes of up to 28tn/m, 50kWh generators, double engines, sleeping quarters, large loading space and much more.





Below you can find some the most popular Steel Work Boat models, with their main characteristics:

12Χ5.5m 14.5Χ5.8m 17X6.5m 20X7.5m 23X8.8m
Total Weight: 30tn Total Weight: 45tn Total Weight: 60tn Total Weight: 80tn Total Weight: 90tn
Net Load: 15tn Net Load: 30tn Net Load: 50tn Net Load: 90tn Net Load: 150tn
Engines: 2X100hp Engines: 2X250hp Engines: 2X280hp Engines: 2X390hp Engines: 2X390hp
Generator: 25kWh Generator: 25kWh Generator: 25kWh Generator: 50kWh Generator: 50kWh
Crane: 11tn Crane: 13.5tn Crane: 15-18tn Crane: 22tn Crane: 22-25tn

We are always happy to help you chose if a Steel Working Boat is the right decision for your business and prepare a detailed quote for you. Contact us for more information.