Cage Nets

At Stamatiou, we manufacture cage nets of all types and sizes made of all the materials mentioned above. We only use the best quality rope from our own production. Stamatiou cage nets are designed to be suitable for all cage types and sizes and can be customised accordingly.

We understand that each farm faces different challenges and Cage Nets take a heavy toll from extreme weather conditions and every day use. Utilising our extensive experience in the Aquaculture industry worldwide, we can customise every Cage Net according to the special needs of each client.


Cage Net customisations provided:

-Number of reinforcements (vertical & horizontal)

-Type and Diameter of reinforcement ropes

-Double netting where necessary

-Anti-fouling treatment

-Loops type and sizes (INOX rings, plastic rings etc.)

 P1000524 P1000516

tuna cage4 round_net